Where Would I Be? by Lena Jones

Where would I be, if all the world’s ways

Had stayed still as life kept on moving?

If decades of slaves, constrained and unheard

Were left to let man do their bidding?


When women decided that life is a choice

And decisive power should be nurtured by us,

Where would I be if no one had cared

And let their voices settle with dust?


All of the violence coupled with hate

Just to make comfortable living a right

Where would we be if they’d thrown in the towel?

The future could’ve been an unimaginable sight.


So I’m grateful for living and breathing with ease

When so many toiled to bring us out of rubble.

To Ms. Tubman, Dr. King, the brave many

And to millions who’d die again without a spiteful mumble


I’m only sorry we weren’t there to be so humble.

Thank you.