Issue 3: Under the Sea

As someone who has been born and raised in Los Angeles, I have always been surrounded by pollution. We see it on the beaches littered with cigarette butts and in the ocean, on the streets always filled with cars. We see it when we drive up the 5 and see the cows at Harris Ranch and the thick layer of smog above the place we call home.

When I first thought of this BADASS issue, I thought about how the choices I make reflect and reinforce my values. I have cut out a lot of fast fashion from my closet and no longer buy it in stores. I have been pescatarian for nearly 5 months now and have never felt happier or healthier. I have been actively trying to step outside of myself when making decisions and consider the effects that decision has on others. One person’s decision to change what they buy, eat, how they travel, etc. has major effects not just on them but on others around them and the environment as a whole.

This issue is centered around the environment and includes articles about the Dakota Access Pipeline, climate change, veganism, a garden in South Central started by Siena and more. There are interviews with Britt Browne from LALA Farm and Natalie Flores from Kiss the Ground who are both kicking ass in the Los Angeles gardening community.  

The two photoshoots in this issue are really special since they included all environmentally friendly clothing and makeup brands. Sidney and Ruby rock two of Cocodune’s swimsuits and Kelly and Dominique work it in clothes from Groceries Apparel and Mata Traders and sunglasses from Woodzee. Go check it out!

I hope this issue sparks a change for you to make more environmentally conscious decisions. Whether you watch documentaries such as Cowspiracy or the True Cost, volunteer in your local community garden, participate in Meatless Monday or more, any big or small change you make is a start to a happier and healthier you.