Issue 7: Endless Summer

Hey y’all!

We’ve been MIA for a while, busy thinking up lots of exciting plans for 2018 BADASS. This issue consists entirely of a collection of photos and writing from the summer, full of memories and many learning experiences.

Currently, the weather is a lot colder in California as it is no longer summer. But summer and this time in the late fall/early winter are very similar. They’re both liminal states of time, of mind. In the summer, we’re able to explore, go on adventures, see friends whenever we like, read lots of books. We possess the power over how we want our days, weeks, months off to go. As the year comes to a close, it is, once again, a transitional time. Between Christmas and New Year’s, time goes by slowly and rapidly simultaneously. Once again, we are in control of our time. This is a time of great self reflection, of goal setting, of figuring out how the next year will be better or different or hopeful or frightening and who we want to be.

2018 will be a super rad year for BADASS and I can’t wait to share all the interesting issues, interviews, photoshoots, art, and writing that we’ve got in store.

Be your best self this year and take charge!!


Isabel Kuh