BADASS MAG is a feminist magazine dedicated to empowering teenage girls and femmes through art, writing, and community service. Our goals are to depict real girls, to question the messages society sends women about what it means to be a girl and to push the boundaries of what issues are okay to discuss, encouraging girls to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. We want to help girls discover their passions, develop confidence in themselves and their opinions, and become powerful and influential advocates for social change. 

The magazine was started as a result of the lack of diversity and a simplification of issues such as cultural appropriation and police brutality in the pages of many magazines targeted towards teenage girls. Girls deserve to see themselves in the pages and on the screen: their bodies, stories, races, beliefs, and identities. 

If you're a tough girl, strong girl, passionate girl, curious girl, empowered girl, or ambitious girl, you've come to the right place! Become a BADASS today!